Daniel Verity [DECEASED]

Once the city's Keeper of Elysium, now seems to have been left behind by city politics



Social 9
Mental 6
Physical 5

Dominate 3
Fortitude 3
Presence 4
Celerity 1

True Faith 1

10th Generation
Humanity 7
Willpower 6

Domain 2
Herd 4
Resources 3

+4 Church Control

Feeding restriction: he can only feed from people he has redeemed – other blood is impure and he vomits it up


ST Notes:

Daniel Verity will be forced by Leslie to surrender Neala’s heart. Leslie will use this to defame him at Elysium. There will be a quick, brutal scuffle for the position of Keeper of Elysium between Rott, Amanda Miles and Vanessa Vale. Amanda calls in favors and wins the appointment.

Before too long, one way or another, Daniel will likely be removed from the position and replaced by someone like Amanda Miles.

Secret: Father Verity has torporized Benjamin Graham and has no intention of letting him rise ever again. He has buried a splinter of wood in Benjamin’s heart and has hidden the heart in the reliquary beneath St. Brigid’s.

Verity is the Keeper of Elysium. He has captured Benjamin and is holding him in a reinforced cell, trying to burn the evil out of him, and also getting information on other things. Daniel is a fanatical Catholic Ventrue and also serves as the Prince’s Seneschal for now. He is from the ‘previous administration’, and has a harsh interpretation of the Traditions that he tries to enforce, even though it isn’t the actual Prince’s style.

He knows where the hearts are buried, and when he finds them and digs them up from under the building foundation where they were buried, he will be able to control Neala.

He’ll send Dominated Ghouls to the fight club looking for Neala based on Benjamin’s information and description. They’ll have live-casting digital cameras, and he can later use the images to help him Summon people

Daniel was the Keeper when Cedric was Prince, and he was held over by Sarah, but he doesn’t seem to be working out for the city.

Daniel Verity [DECEASED]

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