The grumpy gun-wielding Sheriff of San Francisco


Two things are common knowledge about Clyde – he appears suddenly, and he shoots people.

Eye of the Storm/Curmudgeon

Mental 8
Physical 7
Social 4

Auspex 3
Dementation 1 (talks people ‘down’)
Obfuscate 4

11th Generation
Status 3
Domain 2 hunting grounds and haven in coveted Bayview-Hunter’s Point neighborhood

+2 Legal Influence
+2 Transportation Influence (for the job)

Handgun 9 dice to hit, reroll 10s, 3 damage, laser sight, silencer
Sniper rifle 9 dice +5 for aiming, reroll 10s, 5 damage, laser sight, flash suppressor


Clyde tends to appear and disappear unpredictably, and is mostly memorable because he almost always arrives in the midst of troubule, or brings trouble with him, or causes trouble, depending on who you ask.

And then sometimes all you see of his is a red dot.

ST Notes:

As a sniper, Clyde is a bit paranoid and very good at camoflage. The camoflaged entrance to his have is hidden by debris in a blind alley. The obscured door is further hidden by a layer of false brick. One can be moved to reveal a double keyhole – if they aren’t opened in the right order, the door jams. Inside stairs go down, but he climbs an exposed pipe up through a hole in the ceiling. The second floor is half-finished, looking like it was abandoned, and then the windows tarped over. It was a huge converted loft with an upper level running around the outer edge, unfinished. His actual haven is up one of the scaffolds and in an office that looks like a foreman set up there years ago. He can escape through a hole in the wet-wall into the basement and then the rain-sewers through an enlarged hole covered by a trap-door, or he can simply drop out a window to the street-level.


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