Cedric Antonio

Has declared himself Prince of San Francisco, only there already is one


Cedric Antonio

Social 10
Mental 8
Physical 8

Dominate 5
Fortitude 4
Presence 2
Auspex 2
Celerity 2

Humanity 5
Willpower 9

8th Generation
Status 4
+2 Financial Influence
+2 Legal Influence
+2 Media Influence
+2 Transportation Influence


Cedric Antonio was the Prince of the city when it fell to Anarchs four years ago. He is back, presumably to take over as Prince, but someone already beat him to it.

Before the city fell, Prince Antonio had a reputation for brutally enforcing the Traditions. These draconian policies led to the Anarch rebellion against him.

After his return, Prince Sarah Anne Winder offered him the position of Ventrue Primogen as a conciliatory gesture. He refused, and as a result is not the most popular kindred in Elysium. The Prince doesn’t yet have the influence to strip him of his status, but it’s probably near the top of her list.

Cedric has gone public with his belief that Sarah Anne Wilder is an imposter – not a Ventrue, and not going by her right name. He has declared himself Prince of San Francisco and is openly courting support.

ST Notes:

Cedric styles himself a more modern-style kindred, even with his conservative outlook on the Traditions – he’s authoritarian more than he is genuinely anachronistic. He havens in a beautiful high-rise penthouse in the financial district in a building that houses a number of financial institutions.

Makes a deal negotiated by the Daitya to split the city with the New Promise Mandarinate, is betrayed. And/OR makes a deal with Lucas and recruits some of Lucas’ “coterie” who are sick of SAW, is betrayed. To push this through, SAW should become more paranoid and insist that everyone drink her blood in a given Elysium as insurance against Sabbat infiltration. (of course she doesn’t know that the Vaulderie breaks blood bonds)

Prince of the city, unflinching in his enforcement of the Traditions, in 2008 staked and destroyed a number of Ravnos who had committed diablerie. He’s a bit Orwellian, traveling via Dominate 5 to spy on the city’s kindred

Cedric Antonio

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