Cecil DeMint

Cecil is a Tremere Thaumaturge, brought in by Cedric Antonio to be the new PrimogenA


A reputation for being formidable, Cecil is a small and unassuming man.

10th Tremere

Physical 4
Social 7
Mental 8

Auspex 2
Dominate 3
Thaumaturgy: Path of the Levinbolt 5
-Blood 3
-Weather 3

1 Communicate with Kindred Sire
Wake with Evening’s Freshness
2 Blood Walk
Ward/Circle versus Ghouls
3 Ward versus Lupines
4 Ward versus Kindred
5 Ward versus Spirits

Humanity 5
Willpower 8


Not much is known about Cecil, yet. He was brought in by Cedric to be the new Tremere Primogen, though he is not Reagent in the city yet.

Cecil DeMint

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