Benjamin Graham

Ex-leader of a cadre of warrior Setites, now to be the new Setite Primogen


Benjamin is a powerful Setite warrior who was the highest-ranking Setite in the region for a long time.

Setite Elder

Physical 9
Mental 6
Social 4 (attractive, un-charismatic)

(Brawl and Melee)

Potence 4
Presence 1
Serpentis 5
Fortitude 1

10th Generation
Path of the Warrior 5
Willpower 5

Beacon of the Unholy
Thirst for Innocence


Decades ago, Benjamin was part of the Camarilla structure in San Francisco. He served as Setite Primogen for a long time. A political change brought Cedric Antonio to power in the 1980s and as a traditionalist he resented the very existence of something like a Setite Primogen. Benjamin and Cedric conflicted during their time, slowly building a grudging respect – but Benjamin stood back when the Anarchs rose up and became an independent. He flourished during the interregnum when Anarchs came to power.

Benjamin was one of the primary targets for the Camarilla once they decided to take the city under Sarah Anne Wilder. He lured the first wave of Ghouls into a trap and decimated them along with a few Camarilla leading them. A few escaped, however, and when they returned, they came in greater force and with knowledge of the Setite temple (in Berkeley beneath Nile Imports) and a few of its secrets.

He was not destroyed, and could not be staked, but was buried under attackers as the few survivors were driven away. He has not been seen since.

His body was recently rescued from incineration at the hands of Daniel Verity [DECEASED] by his Childe, Neala, and his heart has been recovered as well.

ST Notes:

Currently Benjamin is being held in the crypt beneath St. Brigid’s Church where the wealthy faithful have been buried for 100 years. It is holy ground, sanctified by Daniel Verity and hard to access for any Cainites, but Amanda Miles more than others. But – maybe she’ll summon a demon to defile the place? That would be baddass.

So what is this guy’s future in the game? Possibly death. Otherwise he’ll have to retake the Temple location from Gus and Sammy, and gain those enemies, and then research a new location for the Temple that will be as potent, but secret.

Join the Sabbat? Not bloody likely, which could complicate things if Neala decides to join.

Set up in San Jose? That might work. Then he can maybe be destroyed by the Sabbat. In the meantime, he can support Neala working to become a Setite Primogen in SF. Win? Win.

To be the Setite Primogen under Cedric Antonio, and also to serve as his cat’s paw as a way to insulate Cedric and punish Neala for destroying Verity. He’ll get torn up a lot, and maybe make demands on her for help when it is inconvenient.

He’ll also Embrace a new protege, and resume engaging in horrific acts.

Given enough time, he will totally ally himself with Amanda Miles, which would be great for Neala. She could also provide Cedric with inside intel on the Chantry, Winters and so on.

Benjamin Graham

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