Amanda Miles

Mousey, bangs, looks a bit like Wednesday Addams


Amanda has demonstrated that she has at least Auspex 2 and Thaumaturgy: Path of Blood 3

Amanda Miles
11th Generation Tremere

Mental 8
Social 6
Physical 4

Auspex 2
Dominate 3
(level used +3 diff) Thaumaturgy: Path of Blood 3 (7th gen, 20/5)
-Hands of Destruction 2
-Corruption 2 (subvert) resisted by Perception + Subterfuge difficulty 7
-The Fires of the Inferno 2 diff 4 two/turn
-Path of Curses 1 (Stigma, +1 diff to all social)

Bind the Accusing Tongue (picture, hair)
-Bound tongues: Leslie, Norman, Neala, Benjamin, Li Quon
Deflection of Wooden Doom
Illuminate the Trail of Prey
Burning Blade
Machine Blitz
Incorporeal Passage mental diff 6

Path of Infernalism 5
Willpower 8

Domain 3 (shared Chantry)
Herd (Cultists) 4
Resources 3
Retainers 2 (guys with shafts of belated quiescence)
Status 2

+4 Occult Control

Infernal Gifts
+2 Blush of Health
+1 Eat Food
+4 Broken Bond (to the Pyramid, as punishment)
+3 Hell-skinned; 3 dice to soak fire damage
+2 Harmless
—>For sacrificing Benjamin’s heart, she will gain Thaumaturgy: Blood 4 and an extra point in Social.

+3 Neala owes her a Blood Boon (to keep the hearts she’ll ‘call it even’)
-1 Owes Jae a Minor Boon (has hair and blood from Li Quon)


Amanda Miles is something of a black sheep among the Tremere, which is saying something if you think about it. She tends to be much more open to collaborating and not a huge fan of her Clan’s power structure. Her relationship to the Regent and Primogen Ted Winters is not known – the two of them aren’t often seen together, though of course she still answers to him.

ST Notes:

She has a syringe of Thaddeus’ blood as well (now that’s not all that useful)
Owed a number of Boons by others – she secretly uses Thaumaturgy to help them out with tasting blood and bringing people out of torpor

Amanda Miles havens in the new Chantry in the Sword and Rose building.

When she helps attack Verity’s haven, out back there will be three exsanguinated corpses and five sacrificial victims in the adjacent building. She’ll come with two Ghouls with stakes of belated quiescence and guns, the Gargoyle she’s ‘borrowing’, and the summoned demon whose job is to defile the space and let her in. She’ll be 7th gen, have 20 blood and a physical dice-pool of 8 due to blood spending. The Gargoyle’s job is to hold Ghouls and Verity off while she goes downstairs with the demon and gets the hearts – leverage she needs. She’ll threaten to burn the hearts if they try to stop her.

Amanda makes a deal with Leslie – not for Boons, but for Demonic Investments. Leslie is the perfect candidate for that kind of thing, and is happy to accept. In exchange, she receives Benjamin and Neala’s hearts. She Binds the Accusing Tongue on both of them, and then lets Neala know that Verity needs to die. No witnesses, and the church burns.

Tremere Diabolist; Norman Mathis has a crush on her, and she’ll be happy to blood bind him later.

Amanda is building a cult to worship Astaroth, a powerful demon of visions, invisibility, and questions answered. He also appears in the form of the Canaanite goddess Ashtoreth (Astarte). He gives mortal beings the power over serpents, and the hearts of two Setites would be fucking PERFECT for him.

She and Neala shared an enemy in Daniel Verity

Amanda Miles

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