Secondhand Monsters

Two Weeks in Hell

The monsters' slow waltz

While Li-Quon languishes in his double-staked state, unlife in the city continues. The night briefly reports on a missing police officer, presumed dead, and an elderly couple in the Sunset District are later found dead in their home, but both stories quickly make way for the latest gaffe or quip from the President and his opponent.

There is one more Grand Elysium during this time, and two newly recognized kindred in the city. Omar Santiago is a Gangrel mercenary who was brought in to fight against the Anarchs, but he has decided to stay in San Francisco, saying he has unfinished business. He confers briefly with the Primogen Council, and is subsequently acknowledged in the city and granted hunting grounds in the Presidio and Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

The second newcomer is actually a local who has been in the city for some time, a Japanese-American Caitiff named Zoey. There is some confusion at her arrival, in that Rott‘s dogs whimper excitedly and lick her hands when she approaches the Museum’s rear entrance, and she is temporarily held at gunpoint until Clyde can verify that she is in fact kindred. She apologizes profusely, saying that it is likely because of the thinness of her blood. She did not know her Sire, but has since discovered that she is very distant from Caine.

Zoey presents herself, politely asks for a small patch of territory near the Berkeley Zen Center. She is granted the territory temporarily, and is recognized as a probationary sect member. Dawn Nakada offers to look out for her, but she very politely declines. She does not stay in Elysium for any length of time, but once she is acknowledged at a probationary level, she takes her leave. Amanda Miles takes an immediate dislike to her, and glares at her as she goes. If she notices, she doesn’t show it.

The last order of business is the announcement that limited rights to Embrace are going to be granted in the near future. There is an immediate burst of quiet conversation, and in the coming weeks Elders and Ancilla are vying for whatever favor they can get for themselves.

Leslie angrily says that Ellie Jameson has likely fled the city. If she is seen, Leslie wants to know immediately. As she makes this announcement, she glares at Neala Graham, who humorously doesn’t notice.

Others present at Elysium: the Harpy, Leilah, Norman Mathis, V-Jack, and Xorba who spends a brief amount of time bending Vanessa Vale’s ear, despite her misgivings.

Amanda Miles spends most of her time talking with Leslie Whitaker.


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