Secondhand Monsters

The snake hits the fan

Li Quon is awoken from his two weeks of punishment. He seems none the worse for wear. Everyone kisses and makes up. Jae arranges for a meeting with Xiao Jie one of the lieutenants of Xiao Ma to discuss the details both groups have on the hunter Ming Hok. The gang attends in mass. Following a formal introduction, we make nice with Xiao Jie and discover that the “hunter” actually has a very limited area she is sworn to protect. We decide it is best to avoid that area.

One problem solved, Jae and Neala go and try to work on Father Verity to get Neala’s sire back and to arrange a meeting between Xorba and Verity. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang tries to follow Lucas and stake out for the missing Gangrel. The chase of Lucas leads to some interesting discoveries, but no errant Gangrel. Back with the snakes, following some prolonged banter and more than a few choice barbs, Verity tires of the game and decides to give Neala her sire, apparently, just to get her to leave him alone. However, one slight too many and Neala embraces her warrior spirit and leaps to the attack. Verity is wounded but forces Neala away with Presence. Jae escapes and they return tot he Pit.

While deciding our next move, Amanda prods Neala with the revelation that she has Neala’s heart and that of Neala’s sire and suggesting they might as well finish what they started. Sensing blood in the water, Neala, Li Quon, and William return to the fray. Jae and Julia head off to try and smooth things out with the Prince. Following a harrowing battle, Verity meets Final Death and Benjamin is rescued! Julia and Jae however are incarcerated with the Prince after spilling the tale and await the result of the fallout.


robosnake SinisterIII

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