Secondhand Monsters

The Situation Is Tense

Flowery word-magic

The long awaited introduction to the Camarilla takes place! Neala gets a nod from V-Jack the Brujah; Julia gets a nod from Gordon the Ventrue Harpy, and Jae gets a nod from Devon, Toreador Primogen. Two new characters made an entrance; Li-Quon and William. Li Quon introduced himself as a Kuei-jin and warned of an impending attack from the Kindred of the East. He made it clear that he wasn’t interested in the annihilation of his Western cousins and that he left in somewhat of a disgrace, but got a pseudo-nod from one of the Malkavians, Dawn Nakata. William is a transport from Las Vegas. He had some conflicts which were getting out of hand. He got a nod from Flea, the Nosferatu Primogen. Neala, Jae, and Julia gained some status, but were charged with keeping an eye out for the two newcomers. The coterie was assigned some crappy hunting grounds in the suburbs.

A kindred only fight night was announced wherein Neala got the beat down by V-Jack following a very stalwart performance. Later in the evening, Julia beat down Li-Quon. There were several luminaries in attendance, including Vanessa the Toreador Harpy. Li-Quon initiated a social faux-pas by using one of his arcane powers on her and getting caught. She was talked down by some flowery word-magic by Jae, but Li-Quon took a firm stance about using his powers the way he chooses. Jae made it clear that Li-Quon would play the game by the Camarilla social rules or that Jae wouldn’t vouch for Li-Quon. The situation is tense.


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