Secondhand Monsters

The People's Court

October 5, 2012 (game time)
Prince Sarah Anne holds a trial to go over the evidence concerning the death of Father Verity. During the trial, some of the coterie (Jae and Neala) were remarkably, unable to implicate Amanda in any way. Prince Anne decides to punish the coterie with a single step Blood Oath from Jae and Julia, with a two step Blood Oath for Li Quon, Neala, and William. Li Quon indicates that he cannot be blood bound and commits to an alternative arrangement with Prince Sarah Anne. Directly following that, there is an altercation wherein Leslie announces that she is a Ventrue archon and makes some accusations towards the Prince.

Preparations for the Halloween Fight are made. The drugs are acquired, the pigs are acquired, the notices are put out and two different events are planned. One for the mortals and a later event for the Kindred.

Prince Sarah Anne is accused of being an imposter and that the true Sarah Anne was killed in Portland. The former Prince, Cedric, is using this opportunity to make a bid for leadership and is trying to garner support among the Kindred of the city. At the close of the game, Cedric has invited the coterie to an informational meeting where he will present his claim to the title of Prince of the City on the second of November.


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