Secondhand Monsters

The bird in hand?

Following an exciting reveal at Elysium, several new Kindred join the populace, most notably Xorba, Jae’s supposedly dead sire (dramatic sound effects), and Pablo Garcia, the new Brujah primogen from San Jose. Leslie approaches Neala with a task to find Ellie Jameson, a Gangrel who supposedly been kidnapping mortals and releasing them to hunt for sport in the Presidio. During the stake out, it is revealed that Lucas of Deathguild is also on the hunt for Ellie. The coterie agrees to call off the hunt in order to allow Lucas time to meet and talk with Ellie first for his mysterious goals. This doesn’t stop William and Jae from living it up in the strip joints “staking out the joints” just in case on a second night of searching. Nothing turns up and Leslie is more than a little disappointed in Neala at the failure.

After stealing her fantastic sword, from the sword sharpener, a trap is lain for the mysterious hunter. The sword is supposedly sentient and calls to its master. After locating a suitable ambush site, the sword is left with Li-Quon who refuses to part with it. Disrupting the ambush and allowing Ming Hook to get the sword back LITERALLY right out of his hands in a daytime conflict. When confronted with his failure, Li-Quon claims that he was under compulsion to betray the coteries wishes, but only Neala believes him. It is decided that he will be staked (with both a wooden and a metal stake) for the next two weeks as punishment.


robosnake SinisterIII

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