Secondhand Monsters

Session One: Weird(er)

The first evening started off with a fire in the building Thaddeus and Jake used as a haven. At first glance this appeared to be a mechanical malfunction but it seems we all suspect more. If we have any idea who was behind it, no one said so. During a meeting at the warehouse, we came across a couple of ghouls who belonged to an unknown Kindred. And by “came across” I mean Thaddeus shot one and Jake incapacitated the other. We proceeded to take them to a not-so-secure location and found out that they were working for a Father Daniel Verity and were sent to get video of Neela. Some of their guys showed up requesting to take their men back. Jake was able to sneak a ride back to an abandoned church (St. Bishop, i think). [Note: St. Brigid]

On the second night things got weird(er). Thaddeus seems to be having a bit of a fungus problem with his vehicles. He claims not to know what’s causing it but seems to get more irritated with his imaginary friends when it happens. Neela was overcome with the desire to first head north to a ladies room and then south to a mexican revival. In both places she found clay jars which contained notes regarding hope for her and her sire, Benjamin. One the way home from the church we noticed we were being followed and after some questioning, found out it was Father Verity who was leaving the jars. Jae has been working on getting us in with the Camarilla by meeting with Devon and is planning a party for high society.


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