Secondhand Monsters

Holiday Beat Down

Holiday Beat Down!

Mortal fight sequence went down really well. Thanks to some exquisite promoting from Jae, there is a packed house. People are excited and crawling over themselves to get in on the action. The fights go well and Neala comes out as the ringer in a close fight with a surprise challenge from Quintin Hardy. In a long bloody fight, Neala pulls through and wins. Discovering that there is something more to Quintin than there appears to be.

Kindred fights go really well with some pretty vicious exhibition fights. Some pigs are torn apart, a ghoul beats down some ghouled dogs, and several ghouls fought amongst themselves with Pablo’s ghoul Misericordia coming out on top. Three ghouls were beaten down by a blindfolded V-jack. Julia successfully defended her title by defeating Li-Quon in the ring.

Neala, William, and Li-Quon go to a rare books store to investigate Quentin and come across an unusual clerk named Oleander. In the meantime, Jae meets with Lucas to work out some business. Floating on the wave of good cheer, the coterie attends the informational meeting hosted by Cedric Antonio.


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