Secondhand Monsters


A comedy of errors and accidents

Jae throws a fantabulous party. The hoiety toiety of Kindred society make an appearance including Devon Ross the Toreador Primogen, both Harpies, the Sheriff, and the Scourge. Lucas invites us to the opening of his Goth club, Deathguild, which is presented as open feeding grounds for all Kindred in the city. Therein, Neala makes quite the impression as well as several friends in the blood letting crowd and picks up a couple of new followers. Not to be outdone, Thaddeus also picks up a few friends and openly feeds on a vessel, much to their dismay. The coterie is presented with schweet, safe-line smart phones. The antique shop that we believe Ming Hook frequents is under surveillance to monitor her activities. Thaddeus’ building is under surveillance so he and Jake go to investigate. Following a comedy of errors and accidents, Thaddeus is destroyed and Jake is put into torpor while a confused Neala calls the rest of the coterie to pick up the pieces on this mess.


robosnake robosnake

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