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During the month of downtime, there is a ‘Grand Elysium’, to which all are openly invited, once per week on Saturday nights. There are a number of changes that occur at these, and we can sketch out how you guys interact with everyone else.

Otherwise, Elysium is open every night, but it is a crap-shoot as to who is actually there. Elysium regulars include Amanda Miles, Dawn Nakada, Devon Ross, Gordon Gray, Norman Mathis, Rott, Suzanne Cohen, and Vanessa Vale, as well as between one and five Ghouls for each of them and sometimes other hangers-on like members of their Herd, Entranced or Dominated mortals, and so on.

First Elysium

Daniel Verity is publicly stripped of his position as Keeper of Elysium by the Prince at Leslie Whitaker’s strong urging. A power struggle for who will replace ensues, with the front-runners seeming to be Amanda Miles, Rott and Vanessa Vale.

Second Elysium

Amanda Miles is declared the new Keeper of Elysium. Father Verity is nowhere to be seen, and no one seems to particularly miss him except Norman Mathis who is there for the announcement to support Amanda.

Pablo Garcia comes to Elysium to announce himself. He is coming up from San Jose to take up residence in Oakland in order to strengthen and organize Brujah standing there. He is flanked by three hot female Ghouls, a bit like a more dangerous version of Charlie’s Angels.

Third Elysium

Flea’s position as Nosferatu Primogen is solidified, though his status does not change so quickly, and he is clearly a “junior member”.

In a surprise to some in attendance, the empty seat of Ventrue Primogen is filled by Gordon Gray, who will be resigning as Harpy, leaving Vanessa Vale as the sole Harpy. She seems pretty pissed about the move.

Fourth Elysium

Pablo Garcia is installed as another “junior member” of the Primogen Council, representing Clan Brujah. At last, all six seats are filled on the Council. The Prince declares this a sign that a new time of order and prosperity for the Camarilla is beginning.

Xorba, a Setite Elder, makes an appearance at Elysium. He eloquently explains that he did not resist the Camarilla’s arrival in the city as Benjamin Graham, his Clan-mate, did. He hopes to rebuild his position in the city, and looks forward to working with other kindred to maintain peace, security and the Traditions.


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