Secondhand Monsters

Continuing down the rabbit hole

The night started with everyone meeting at Praetorian Security, and discussing plans for the night. After the meeting we all went to St. Bridgid’s church to meet with Father Verity in regards to a letter he sent Neala. He explained that Benjamin was safe and he was holding Neala’s heart in particular because it gave him leverage against her. He discussed his distaste for Benjamin’s teachings and wants her to ‘reform’.

After the meeting a decapitated corpse was found in Chinatown and investigations began in regards to that, leading us to the culprit (the name of which I didn’t write down).

We hosted a 4th of July party for mid level mob bosses and the like.

Neala grew tired of the party and left, followed by Thaddeus. Midway through the walk Neala got a phone call from Thaddeus’ phone (which he didn’t know had been stolen) and that call led them to a Karaoke bar where Thaddeus put on a remarkable performance and he and Neala drank Sake until they were ill and drunk.

The next night we met a fellow named Sam at the park and he explained Camarilla introductions and how to go about them, giving each member of our group a way to get ahold of someone to vouch for us so we could get our foot in the door with the Camarilla and begin working toward being recognized as something other than target practice.


Thanks! Whoever wrote this, give yourself an extra xp :)

Continuing down the rabbit hole
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