Secondhand Monsters

A good fight night

Jae offered his help to each of his companions in order to offer them his social skills in order to smooth over their meetings with their prospective Camarilla representatives. Jae and Julia took a visit to club Vessel to hob knob with the Toreadors. Jae offered to accompany Thaddeus to his meeting with the Brujah and help Jake with his meeting with Suzanne Cohen. The meeting with Rash (the Brujah contact) did not go quite as planned. Arriving in force, we scared Rash into thinking that he was under attack. Rash fled and got into an altercation with Jake. Jake was nearly decapitated by Rash, who succumbed to frenzy, killed a woman, and tried to flee. Rash returned to retrieve his bike and beat Thaddeus into torpor. Jake responded poorly to his regnant’s wounds and beat down Rash who he then diablerized. Jae called in some favors to cover up both Rash’s killing and the breach resulting from the fight at the bar by firebombing the bar. Jae requests a major boon from both Jake and Thaddeus for his help.

While Thaddeus took the long dirt nap, Neala met with Father Verity who directed her to the Tremere, Amanda Miles. Miles returned Thaddeus from torpor after several failed attempts at feeding blood by Jae, Neala, and Jake. Neala trades a blood boon to Miles for her assistance. Miles makes it know that she is not fond of Father Verity.

A good fight night went off with out a hitch and Harry is the current kickboxing champion. Everyone benefited well. There was another beheading in Chinatown, this time with a witness who went home with Jae. The vigilante is a young girl with an antique katana.

Arrangements to meet with V-jack have been made. Suzanne Cohen declined our request for assistance with vouching for Jake, but has revealed that she is not fond of Leslie (the Scourge).


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